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(NEW YORK) — When Amazon ships your package, you can see basically every turn the deliverer makes — but that’s apparently no so with the U.S. military, which saw one of its secret Hellfire missiles shipped to Cuba last year, and can’t get it back.

The precision laser-guided weapon, used extensively in drone strikes, was inert, meaning it didn’t have its explosives payload, but all of its top-secret electronics were there for the taking — or, experts fear, the reverse-engineering, should Cuba share the tech with China, North Korea, or other players.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the missile was sent from Orlando International Airport in early 2014 to be used by allies in a NATO exercise, but the clearly-marked crate ended up in Fidel’s backyard under mysterious circumstances.

And the Obama administration’s highly-touted warming of relations with the communist regime hasn’t produced any results, either.

“Did someone take a bribe to send it somewhere else? Was it an intelligence operation, or just a series of mistakes? That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out,” said one U.S. official to the paper.

Another called the situation, “a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind.”

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