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If you’re looking for a song to get you through the first Monday of 2016, Thomas Rhett’s tune “I Feel Good” just might do the trick for you.

“Every time I hear it I’m like immediately back in Big Willie Style,” Thomas jokes, dropping the name of Will Smith’s debut album from 1997. “I’m like back in sixth grade and I’m hearing this track that I’m riding in the back of my mom’s Ford Explorer to school, and it’s basically just the lyric of a perfect day. I just envision this dude like walking down the street and like high-fiving cops and some lady hands you a bagel because she likes you, and it’s just like this perfect day of nothing’s going wrong, nobody can get you down… I don’t care what kind of music you listen to, if you hear this song and you don’t feel good after you hear it ,then I don’t know what will [make you feel good].”

Snap Fitness features the track from Tangled Up in its new spot, since Thomas also happens to be the new spokesperson for the gym chain. He admits his new gig has helped keep his fitness goals on track.

“Every New Year’s resolution I’ve ever had has always been to get into shape, but I think that 2015 was the most time I dedicated to gettin’ a trainer and gettin’ in the gym a bunch and tryin’ to stay healthy,” he says. “So hopefully this resolution keeps on goin’ through 2016.”

Right now, his current single “Die a Happy Man” is number one on the country charts, just as Thomas prepares to head out on the We Were Here tour January 14 with Jason Aldean and A Thousand Horses.

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