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(LOS ANGELES) — Californians are saying hello to the first impacts of El Niño this week as it begins to rain.

Day after day rain is expected for about a week, with the heaviest forecast to arrive on Tuesday.

“Be prepared. This storm is real and it’s coming,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told residents Sunday night.

Several inches of rain are expected to fall in southern California, while the mountains outside of Los Angeles could get up to 2 feet of snow.

While the precipitation is badly needed, it also brings with it concerns of mudslides. Garcetti urged residents to be prepared.

“There are things that you can do right away, from clearing out your storm drains, to making sure that if you live in hillside areas you come to your neighborhood fire station where you can get sandbags,” he said.

Garcetti recalled, “Last El Niño, the big storm that happened 18 years ago, we lost about 14 people and we had billions of dollars of damage. So we are determined to get out in front of this.”

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