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(NEW YORK) —  A woman who took to Facebook in an effort to find her triplet brothers may be getting closer to finding them.

Christina Wilcox of Rome, New York, originally posted her plea earlier this month. She holds a sign that says in part, “My parents were forced to give up the triplets for adoption…the boys were adopted together…my parents ended up marrying each other.” That post was shared more than 5,000 times.

 Once Wlicox’s post started gaining traction, clues about her brothers and the details surrounding their birth began pouring in. Though she originally thought they were born at Dodge City Medical Center in Dodge City, Kansas, she now believes they were born at Trinity Hospital, also in Dodge City. Although it was her mother’s wish that the boys be kept together, Wilcox has reason to believe they may have been separated. If that’s true, they may not realize they are triplets at all.

Wilcox posted a new photo with an updated sign on Monday.

 The boys were born on March 9, 1972 and would be 43 years old now. They were adopted through Catholic Charities.

Deborah Snap, the executive director of Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas in Dodge City, told ABC News that though the process remains largely the same as it was in 1972, a law has since been passed that requires minor parents (under the age of 18) consenting to an adoption retain independent legal representation. Another significant difference, she said, is that birth parents and adoptive parents now usually choose to share identifying information before the birth or at the time of the infant’s placement.

Even though Wilcox believes the triplets may have been separated against her mother’s wishes, Snap said if that request was made of the agency, it likely would have been honored.

Wilcox could not be reached for comment.

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