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While you could argue that Hank Williams, Jr. and Eric Church kicked off this year’s CMA Awards with an explosive performance of “Are You Ready for the Country,” it still can’t compare to what Bocephus will be doing on Thursday night. That’s because he believes in ringing in the New Year with a bang — literally!

“I used to have a machine gun, so if it was 1989 or 1996, I’d get a belt and put 96 rounds in it and I’d hold the trigger down. That woke em up pretty good. Now I have a civil war cannon,” he says, mimicking the sound of an explosion. “… A real Civil War cannon with about 2 pounds of powder is a New Year’s you won’t forget!”

It’s no coincidence Hank Jr.’s new album It’s About Time contains a track called “God and Guns.” It’ll be released January 15.

There’s another New Year’s tradition the second-generation superstar strictly adheres to as well, this one of the culinary nature. “Black-eyed peas and ham on New Year’s Day or you’ll lose every football game,” he asserts. “You gotta have black-eyed peas and ham!”

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