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At this point in his career, Brad Paisley is as well known for pulling practical jokes on tour as he is for writing hit songs and being a Grade A guitar player. The “Country Nation” singer admits his vivid imagination and flair for hijinks dates back to his childhood.

“One year I tried to figure out — it was about fifth or sixth grade, I think I was startin’ to… oh no, it was third or fourth grade,” he remembers. “I was startin’ to get the hint that maybe there wasn’t a Santa Claus… which there is, by the way,” he adds. “But I wanted to prove it once and for all, so I stuck a tape recorder, pressed record, stuck it behind the Christmas tree, and left it on hoping that I would hear whoever was gonna place those presents there.”

Brad says his plan would’ve worked perfectly except for one thing: “I forgot to plug it in,” he says.

This Christmas, Santa will be visiting Brad’s sons Huck and Jasper, provided they’ve been good little boys this year. Their mom, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, stars in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, which is now in theaters.

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