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(SAINT GEORGE, Utah) — There’s never a cop around when you need one, according to the old saying. But that’s not the case in the town of Saint George, Utah.

Officer Matt Schuman, a 10-year police veteran, was working at his post at Dixie Middle School in Saint George Wednesday, when a 14-year-old girl suddenly became violently ill.

“She started to seize,” Schuman told ABC News. “I turned her over on her side and my training immediately kicked in at that point.”

Believing the student’s heart had stopped, Schuman radioed for paramedics and began delivering CPR. His efforts kept the girl alive.

“I’ve got her breathing again,” Schuman can be heard telling dispatchers. “She’s trying to get some air.”

The girl was rushed to the hospital and Schuman carried on with his day.

Hours later, as Schuman was on his way home, a call came over the radio dispatch that a nine-day-old baby was choking. Schuman was nearby and responded again.

“I got her to cry a little bit, which calmed me,” Schuman said. “Because as a parent myself, I know if you’re crying, you’re breathing and that was a good sign.”

Schuman is remarkably humble about saving two lives — in one day.

“It was just another day on the job,” Schuman said.

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