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(NEW YORK) — The Governors Highway Safety Association says people need to remember to use their seat belts when in the back seats of vehicles.

A new report from the association said that fewer adults use seat belts when they’re in the back of a car. Only 78-percent of adults buckle up in the back seat compared to 87 percent in the front seat.

In vehicle crashes involving a death, the report says an even lower percentage of people use rear belts, only 60 percent in the rear of the car compared to 74 percent in the front.

“They might have the false perception that they’re actually safer back there, which we really know is– you know, only very slightly safer in the back,” Kara Macek with the Governors Highway Safety Association said.

Macek said it doesn’t matter how far you are traveling either.

“If you’re in crash, your risk of serious injury and fatality is just as great, no matter if you’re going one block, one mile, or cross-country. So no matter when you get in a car, and what car it is, you need to buckle up.”

The report also suggested that rear seat belt laws should be created in the 32 states that don’t have them and belt use in cabs and ride-sharing services should be strongly encouraged.

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