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Keith Urban admits he’s a little bit under the gun these days. 

He’s already two singles in on his new album Ripcord, with no release date set as of now. That’s because he’s still hard at work on his eighth project, and the pressure is definitely on to finish it.

Since he also has a new exhibit opening at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in a little more than two weeks, he admits the heat’s even on his mother too. “I don’t quite know what the whole exhibit’s gonna be yet because they’re still putting it together. But my mom’s been feverishly looking for old photographs and clothes I used to wear when I was a kid on stage. My dad used to make clothes for me when I was a little kid to wear on stage… He made them and my guitar strap,” he reveals. “Yeah so it’s crazy, some cool outfits.”

You’ll be able to see what Keith’s mom was able to come up with November 20, when “Keith Urban So Far…” opens at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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