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(BALTIMORE) — The venue, the flowers, the rings, the DJ, the dress…weddings have grown in both size and extravagance.

In some cases, the wedding day overshadows the marriage itself. But one couple from Baltimore, MD has set out on journey to change that and get people to start talking more about the “happily ever after” instead of the big day.

Liz and Ryan Bower have seen it all when it comes to weddings, both photographing more than 125 weddings together, and want to show the world what marriage is really all about.

They started a non-profit called Amazing Life Together and according to their latest press release, the Bowers are “on a mission to inspire all couples to live a happy, healthy, and everlasting amazing life together.”

The Bowers have been traveling in an RV since January of this year and aim to hit all 50 states, interviewing at least one couple from each state.

So far they have hit 38 states, driven 35,882 miles and documented 75 couples.

Their latest stop was in New York City where they met with Rolando and Jennifer Molina, who have been married for 7 1/2 years. When asked what the secret is to their happy marriage, they responded “Laughter. We don’t take life too seriously and we don’t sweat the small stuff… a lot of compromise.”

According to Liz Bower “Every couple has an amazing story that we all can learn something from…by sharing these stories, we hope to open the lines of communication surrounding marriage and encourage couples to work through the difficult times while celebrating the good times!”

Ryan and Liz Bower expect to finish their tour in January of 2016.

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