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When you ask the siblings from The Band Perry to think back on their favorite Halloween get-ups, you get three very diverse answers, the only common thread being the movies.  

“The one that sticks out in my mind is when I wore my pink poodle skirt, white turtleneck and saddle oxfords,” Kimberly Perry recalls. “I was a ’50s girl… kinda from Grease, but definitely from the ’50s.”

Lord of the Rings fan Neil Perry went as Tolkien‘s main character, Frodo Baggins. “I actually got fake fur and got double-side stick tape and put it on my feet,” he recalls.

“That was fake? Fake fur on your feet?” Kimberly jokes.

“My feet really aren’t that furry,” Neil contends. Though Reid Perry agrees with his sister. “Not all of it was fake.”

Reid’s most memorable trick-or-treat outfit was borrowed from Tim Burton‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“I was Jack Skellington one year,” he says, referring to the white cartoon skeleton with black features. “I painted my face white and even colored my hair white as well.”

“Like, you dyed it?” Kimberly asks.

“It did take a couple washes to get it out, but it was white hair,” he retorts.

“Spray painted it!” she accuses.

On Friday, The Band Perry headlines the Florida-Georgia Tailgate concert in Jacksonville, in advance of the big game on Saturday. The trio’s new CD, Heart + Beat, featuring their latest single “Live Forever,” is due in the coming months.

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