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Just days after his self-titled debut album was certified gold, Cole Swindell is getting ready to release his second Down Home Sessions EP. Even though he put out the first volume last year, Cole says this one is actually very different than its predecessor.

“This thing, last year it was just songs that shoulda been on my album, we just didn’t have room. This year, it’s the first thing that anybody’s heard from me in a year and I felt like I had to put my best stuff on there. So this is just a preview of what’s coming on the album, just a little bit you know. I didn’t hold anything back. There’s songs on here I woulda bet any amount of money they would’ve been on my album album,” he says of his second full project, which isn’t due until sometime in 2016.

What the two Down Home Sessions projects do have in common, according to Cole, is who they were made for. “You know there’s no really theme… other than, I just want it to be, my Down Home Crew, that’s my fan club and that’s who it’s for, the hardcore fans that are gonna buy my music,” he says.  

Fans who pre-order the five-track collection will instantly be able to download “Should’ve Ran After You,” with a second song, “Shuttin’ It Down,” available on Friday. The lyric video for “Should’ve Ran After You” is out now, with one for “Shuttin’ It Down” due on Thursday. You’ll be able to preview the entire set on CMT.com on Friday.

Here’s the track listing for Down Home Sessions II, available November 6:

“Dangerous After Dark”
“My First Radio”
“Should’ve Ran After You”
“Shuttin’ It Down”
“Blue Lights”

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