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(BALTIMORE) — Police in Baltimore will now have to wear body cams.

On Monday, Baltimore police began a body cam pilot program, causing 155 police officers to wear the cameras while on patrol.

The pilot program includes testing out three different systems including the Panasonic Arbitrator, the Vievu system, and the Taser system. The program will go on through December with the winning system announced in February. The winner, according to Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere, will have to be what “best suits Baltimore and [the] community moving forward.”

“This program is part of our efforts, the police departments efforts, the city’s efforts to push transparency forward in progressive leading law enforcement agencies throughout the country,” said Palmere.

Palmere also said he hopes the program will lead to better public confidence in police.

Nearly six months ago, angry protesters rioted in the streets of Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s police-custody death.

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