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(EVANS, Ga.) – Two twins in Georgia say they were not issued their driver’s permit because the computer system couldn’t tell them apart.

15-year-old Alicen and Alicia Kennedy went to the DMV in Evans to have their pictures taken before taking their driver permit tests. “We gave her our paperwork, but we didn’t even get a chance to go take the test because she kept saying something was wrong with the computer,” Alicia said.

Alicen said she overheard someone saying they popped up as fraud on the computer, and the twins had to have their pictures retaken several more times.

“The other lady came back and said that when we were taking our pictures it was picking up as saying that we were one person instead of two different people,” Alicia said.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Driver Services says there is usually a checkbox on the paperwork if someone is a twin, however the Kennedys say there wasn’t one.

The DMV now says the twins can come back in and they will straighten things out.

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