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(GRANBURY, Texas) — A Texas driver who swerved before hitting a motorcyclist says he didn’t intend to hurt anybody, but simply reacted from pain caused by a wasp or spider bite.

William Crum, 68, was driving his car when he experienced a “tremendous stinging” in his left leg, which caused him to swerve, he said.

Video of the incident, which occurred Saturday on Tin Top Highway near Granbury, has been viewed millions of times online.

Eric Sanders and his girlfriend were on the motorcycle, and Sanders’ girlfriend was hospitalized following the accident, officials said. Sanders isn’t buying Crum’s side of the story.

“The car jerked over towards me violently,” he said. “He had 100 percent control of that car the entire time he was driving it.”

Crum, when asked whether he’d like to apologize to the couple, said “To her … but to him, no, because he was doing something illegal.”

Police cited Sanders for illegally passing the car, but Crum, who faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, may have to use his bug-bite defense in court.

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