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(TOMBSTONE, Ariz.) — Outdoor gunfight demonstrations are on hold in Tombstone, Arizona, after a participant used live rounds during a simulation of a Wild West showdown.

Actor Ken Curtis was shot in the groin, and a female audience member was grazed in the neck in Sunday’s incident, authorities said.

Investigators say “Tombstone Vigilante” actor Tom Carter shot five live rounds. The performance ended when everyone realized Curtis was injured.

Investigators say Carter showed up late to the performance and missed the safety check, apparently unaware there were real bullets in his pistol.

“He’s in shock,” City Marshall Bob Randall said. “Carter was totally remorseful. He was beside himself. Can’t believe he did it. Can’t believe it happened.”

The troop members are all volunteers who bring their own wardrobe and guns.

Woody Cobb, one of the actors, said there are usually safeguards in place to protect against these kinds of situations.

“Gun belts are inspected. If there is a live round in that gun belt, by insurance rules the gun belt is to be confiscated along with the gun,” Cobb said.

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