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(SAN DIEGO) —  A California mother of four spoke out for the first time after her conviction in the 2012 shooting death of her husband.

In a jailhouse interview with ABC affiliate KGTV-TV in San Diego, Julie Harper, who was found guilty in the murder of her husband Jason Harper, said hearing the verdict was very difficult. Jurors found her guilty of second-degree murder on Thursday.

“Obviously, we were very disappointed with the results and I know my family was very heartbroken just to see what happened,” she said.

Harper, 42, never denied that she killed her husband, claiming it was self-defense. Her lawyers said her husband, a popular high school teacher, was abusive.

A judge declared a mistrial last year after a different jury was deadlocked on whether to convict Harper. She and her husband had three children together, and Harper got pregnant by in-vitro fertilization while she awaited her second trial.

Her daughter is now under the care of Harper’s father.

“I want to tell all my children that I love them so much,” said Harper.

Harper said she plans to appeal for her newborn daughter’s sake.

“I plan to fight and try to appeal as much as possible to be free for her,” said Harper.

Harper’s other family members said they believe the district attorney lied during the trial. But the prosecutor told ABC News that her claims simply didn’t stand up under the “scrutiny of truth.”

“As a prosecutor, my job is to present evidence and allow truth to speak for itself,” San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe said in a statement. “Julie Harper’s claims simply didn’t stand up under the scrutiny of truth.”

Harper faces up to life in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for November.

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