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(FOX LAKE, Ill.) — Investigators in Illinois revealed new information in the investigation into the death of Police Lt. Charles Gliniewicz who was shot to death on Sept. 1 on Thursday.

Lead investigator George Filenko said that Gliniewicz was shot to death with his own weapon that night, and that evidence indicated there had been a struggle. The first shot to hit the officer, Filenko said, hit him from the side and incapacitated him. The second shot was the fatal one, hitting him in the “upper left chest region.”

The results of a gunshot residue test, however, provided more questions than answers. Tests indicated residue on both of Gliniewicz’ hands, meaning that he either discharged a firearm or had both hands in the vicinity of a firearm while it was shot.

The tests, Filenko explained, were inconclusive.

The investigation has also led to the recovery of nine pieces of DNA evidence from the scene. Three of those samples could be submitted for comparison to a national database of offenders.

The only conclusion based on the DNA evidence thus far is that one of the samples is from a male.

The investigation remains ongoing, Filenko said, and is considered an active homicide investigation. Asked whether it was possible that Gliniewicz’ death was a suicide, however, he said only that “nothing is off the table.”

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