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(MINNEAPOLIS) — The Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the lion spoke publicly for the first time in two months, speaking to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and vowed to return to work.

Palmer told the newspaper that he has been laying low since being named lion’s killer in July, but said he would return to his dental practice on Tuesday. He discussed the “disruption” of the lives of his staff members, family and friends, and said the hunt on which he killed Cecil was a legal one.

Officials in Zimbabwe have said that they want Palmer extradited to face charges for killing Cecil, who had been part of Oxford University research prior to the Palmer’s hunting trip.

Reiterating that he and his hunting partners were unaware of how beloved Cecil was to Zimbabweans and others, Palmer noted that he had not been accused of any crime.

Palmer reiterated much that was said in his initial statement, denying knowledge of the notoriety of Cecil the lion, expressing regret for his actions, but maintaining that his actions were legal.

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