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(MOOSE, Wyo.) — A pair of climbers suffered a fatal fall while climbing Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park on Saturday, the National Parks Servce says.

A third climber said that two members of her climbing party had fallen. She herself stuck on a small ledge, the woman, identified as Rebecca Anderson, said she could not see her two partners and yelled down to them but received no reply.

The other climbers, Tyler Standberg, 27, and Catherine Nix, 28, were both found unresponsive following the apparent 200 foot fall.

The three women were trying to climb the eastern face of Teewinot Mountain, the easiest route to the summit. The climb is not considered technical in nature, the NPS adds. The women were not using ropes in their climb and were reportedly well off the eastern face route and in “much more difficult terrain” at the time of the fall.

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