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(NEW YORK) — The 2016 Farmers’ Almanac hits store shelves on Monday, and according to its editors’ calculations, it’s going to be a harsh winter for many in the eastern United States.

“The Atlantic seaboard, the eastern portions of the Great Lakes, Kentucky, Mississippi — that whole area down to the Gulf Coast — that’s all going to be very, very cold,” says editor Pete Geiger.

Some folks, he says, may find themselves feeling a sense of deja vu.

“Last winter, I think 23 states had record cold in February, and we kind of see that as being the trend again this year,” says Geiger.

That includes several states in New England, which were slammed with record snow last winter.

“The place that got hit worst, which was Boston and New England, is going to once again probably see the most snow,” Geiger says.

States west of the Mississippi will fare much better. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the central U.S. “will escape the brunt of this winter’s wrath as more ‘normal’ temperatures are forecast,” and the West will likely experience “milder-than-normal temperatures.”

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