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(NEW YORK) — In a historic graduation ceremony Friday, 96 soldiers, including two women, earned the revered Army Ranger tab following a course described by many top military brass as “the most challenging” in all the armed services.

The grueling course is spread out over three phases in 62 days, though the first female graduates, 1st Lt. Kristen Griest and Capt. Shaye Haver, spent nearly four months in the training after recycling through two of the phases.

The Army estimates approximately 34 percent of students recycle at least one phase of the course.

Soldiers navigate swamps and mountain ridges as instructors bark orders, denying them sleep and food in an attempt to push their limits of mental and physical toughness.

Griest and Haver gave their first public remarks on the course alongside eight of their peers on Thursday.

Watch the ABC News digital original video below to hear their first-hand account of the experience.

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