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(DALLAS) — A motorcyclist rescued by police officers and witnesses she was trapped underneath a car called her survival a miracle.

Earlier this month, Kara Gibson was hit by a vehicle when it veered into her as she was riding her motorcycle in Dallas. She was pinned underneath the car and was struggling to breathe when police officers and witnesses came to her rescue.

“I see the video and I see them running to the car to save me,” she recalled. “I see the bystanders running to the car. I wasn’t breathing when they pulled me out. Every second counted.”

Police officers –- who responded within 30 seconds of being dispatched –- first tried to use a jack to lift the car. When that failed, the first responders and bystanders decided to combine their muscle-power and lift the car off the woman.

“This is nothing short of miracle,” Gibson said. “I had a lot of help with that miracle.”

She said the last thing she remembered was a car looming in front of her “seemingly out of nowhere.” She woke up battered and bruised in the hospital 13 hours later.

Days later, Gibson watched the video of the crash.

“I remember it seemed like a terrible dream,” she said.

Gibson said she was alive today only because of the quick thinking of the first responders and witnesses who rushed to her aid.

“They have changed so many lives by saving mine,” she said. “I am deeply, deeply grateful.”

The man driving the car will not have any charges filed against him, police said. However, he was ticketed for driving without a license.

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