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(BALTIMORE) — The Transportation Security Administration deals with unruly passengers on a regular basis.

But on Tuesday night at Baltimore Washington International Airport, TSA agents stumbled across one particularly brazen traveler.

Inside the man’s carry-on bag, agents allegedly unearthed a trove of 24 potential weapons, including: Three rope cutters with straight-edged blades, one hatchet, two smoke grenades, 12 bottle rockets, one folding saw, one fixed-blade knife, one credit card knife, one utility knife and two folding knives.

“An unusual assortment of prohibited items were detected by TSA officers at BWI Airport [Tuesday],” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said in a statement.

The 21-year-old — who says he was headed to a camping trip — was detained and interviewed by police and charged for the 14 incinerate devices, TSA said.

He re-packed the knives and hatchets in his checked luggage, TSA said.

This isn’t the first bizarre piece of contraband TSA has confiscated.

Last week, a passenger attempted to pass through security with a knife disguised inside a plastic purple comb.

In the past year, they’ve confiscated several grenades, guns, an assortment of throwing stars, and this terrifying “punching device.”

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