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(VALLEJO, Calif.) — Marianne Quinn, whose son was involved in the mysterious “Gone Girl” case in Vallejo, California, said she blames the police for mishandling the investigation.

Aaron Quinn called police March 23 to report that his girlfriend, Denise Huskins, had been abducted. After Huskins was found safe two days later, Vallejo police said that they found “no evidence to support the claims” that she was abducted, and accused the couple of wasting community resources.

“They caused us a lot of pain, and they didn’t care,” Marianne Quinn said of the police handling the case.

Huskins and Quinn earned a measure of vindication this week, when the FBI arrested Matthew Muller, 38, in connection with the alleged kidnapping.

But Vallejo Police Chief John Whitney stands by the department’s assessment, based on the evidence they had at the time. He told ABC News that he does not believe police dropped the ball, and that they will re-evaluate the situation after the investigation is complete.

A series of emails purportedly sent by the alleged kidnappers is among the evidence in the case. One of them included an attached photo – first obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle – showing a spray-painted water gun with a laser pointer and flashlight taped together, which the writer said was used in the alleged abduction.

Muller’s attorney Thomas Johnson has not directly commented on his client’s guilt or innocence but says neither he nor his client has admitted to any crime. He also said Muller suffers from bipolar disorder and has a history of mental illness.

“There were a lot of things that were going on in Mr. Muller’s life that were consistent with a person that was suffering from a mental disease,” Johnson said.

The case got its nickname from similarities to the 2014 movie “Gone Girl.”

Huskins and Quinn are still suffering despite the arrest being made, Marianne Quinn said.

“It will always haunt them, but knowing that they are committed to helping others, I think they will overcome it,” she said.

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