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(CENTENNIAL, Colo.) — The jury in the James Holmes Colorado movie theater shooting case went home for the day on Wednesday without reaching a verdict.

On Wednesday, the jury sent out four notes asking questions on the first day of deliberations, wanting to know if it could have a white board and markers, to which Judge Carlos Samour said yes.

However, when jurors asked if they could get an index of all the evidence in the case, Samour said “no” over concerns that labeling evidence could bias the jury based on how it’s labeled. He said jurors will have to sift through the thousands of pieces of evidence to find what they want to review.

Later in the day, jurors wanted to know if they could have an index or guide to help them sift through all of the evidence in the case, but the Samour also said no.

There is no way to know if jurors are getting close to a verdict. If they do not have a verdict by Thursday night, then they’ll return on Monday after a long weekend.

Monday happens to be the third anniversary of the theater shooting, which is expected to be an emotional day for survivors and victims’ families.

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