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(CLEWISTON, Fla.) — Two men were arrested over the weekend after they allegedly used a backhoe to steal an ATM.

Francisco Hernandez, 54, and Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 50, were taken into custody on Saturday after they stole a backhoe from a nearby construction site and tore down a structure that housed the ATM. They got away with the ATM, but were caught shortly thereafter as they were returning to their home.

The Winter Haven Police Department in Florida says that they received an alarm from a bank just before midnight on Friday night. Upon responding, officers found the ATM gone and the building it normally sits in destroyed.

After an alert on the brazen theft was sent out, an officer conducting a routine traffic stop noticed the ATM in the bed of the suspects’ truck. The two men claimed that they had been out getting scrap metal, but couldn’t remember where they got the items in the truck.

Both men were charged with grand theft – use of a motor vehicle with property damage. Hernandez was also in violation of his probation.

A bank representative told police that the ATM did not appear to have been opened.

The incident was also captured on video.

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