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(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) — After being on the lam since Thursday, an escaped zoo monkey has been captured.

Zimm, an escaped Sulawesi macaque, has finally been captured after she escaped from her Memphis Zoo enclosure late Thursday afternoon.

According to a press release from Memphis Zoo, she ended up in the zoo’s culvert system where staff stayed nearby to keep watch.

Laura Doty, a zoo spokesperson, told ABC News Zimm is now being examined at the zoo’s hospital.

“She appeared to be in good condition from all the reports that I’ve heard on the scene, but we are taking her to the hospital just for a checkup,” Doty said to ABC News.

No word yet on how the monkey escaped, but zoo officials say there will be a thorough investigation.

“We are going to complete a thorough investigation to determine how this happened and also what we can do in the future to make sure that this doesn’t happen again,” the spokesperson said.

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