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(COLUMBIA, S.C.) — The Confederate flag removed this morning from the South Carolina Capitol grounds will be a star attraction at the state’s military museum.

The Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum is located just blocks from the Capitol in Columbia and will be the new home of the flag.

The flag is now being stored in the prep room, just as all artifacts are treated, a source at the museum told ABC News on Friday.

Officials have not yet decided where or how the flag will be displayed, and the person predicted there will be committees convened to decide how they can “reach a happy medium.”

The exhibit being highlighted at the museum now is titled “Paths of Destruction: Sherman’s Final Campaign,” focusing on the Union general’s march with his troops through South Carolina.

The march is described on the museum’s website as an “example of total war” with “the goal of decimating any and all military related buildings, organizations and personnel in an attempt to break the morale of the Confederates.”

Pieces of a flag from a volunteer infantry soldier, flags from specific units, uniforms and ribbons from Confederacy reunions are displayed throughout.

Letter collections are some of the biggest draws at the museum, including 10 letters from a native South Carolinian soldier who progressed from the rank of private to lieutenant over the course of two years, 1862 to 1864.

The museum’s website also notes that it recently received a batch of about 1,000 documents belonging to the Confederacy’s chief financial agent based in Europe, allowing for research on the importation of foreign weapons during the war.

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