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(OAK ISLAND, N.C) — A trip to the beach turned gruesome on Sunday and sunbathing strangers turned into heroes for two teens who were mauled by sharks.

Beachgoers made multiple 911 calls for emergency aid when two separate shark attacks took place off Oak Island in North Carolina.

The first victim that was attacked was a girl who suffered two bites, authorities said.

“The left arm is completely missing and also a bite to the left leg,” a male 911 operator is heard telling another, noting that the girl had a weak pulse.

Another caller described the same incident as leading to the girl having “her hand bitten off by a shark.”

When asked whether she had the number that she was calling from, the caller said, “No, I don’t actually. The family is in too much shock so I just wanted to borrow their phone.”

The second victim, a slightly older boy, was attacked nearly an hour and a half later about two miles away, authorities said.

“Um, there’s a shark, and it bit his arm off,” one female caller said. “He’s bleeding out, we need an ambulance,” she said.

Another female caller had to be calmed down by the operator who could not understand her amid the frenzy.

“Oh my gosh! Call 911, call 911!” another woman is heard saying on a recording of the emergency call that was released today. “Someone got bit by a shark!”

“His arm is gone,” she said.

The woman could be heard communicating with others at the scene and relaying aid tips from the 911 operator.

“There is serious bleeding,” the woman said at one point.

County officials said Monday that both victims are in stable condition and a surgeon confirmed that the boy had his left arm amputated above the elbow.

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