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(STATE COLLEGE, Pa.) — The Pennsylvania State University fraternity that came under fire for allegedly posting pictures of nude women on Facebook has been shut down for three years.

The move by university officials comes after Kappa Delta Rho was suspended in March by a student-led council for allegedly posting nude and partially nude photos of women online. The women were often sleeping or unconscious in the images.

“We base this decision on the sum of misbehaviors exhibited by various members of Kappa Delta Rho,” said Damon Sims, vice president for Student Affairs at Penn State. “Not every member of the chapter was equally culpable for violation of the University’s expectations for recognized student organizations,” 

The university found evidence of hazing, sexual misconduct and harassment at the fraternity. According to the university’s investigation, pledges were required to create stories with pornographic images and a “sex position of the day.” The investigation into the fraternity was spurred by a member who reportedly flagged the fraternity’s private Facebook page, called “2.0,” to local police.

Sims overturned the March decision by the Interfraternity council (IFC), a student-led group, which suggested the fraternity be suspended for one year and attend sexual assault and bystander intervention trainings. Sims said the fraternity’s behaviors “compel a stronger response.”  

In a letter to the IFC, Sims also said the investigation uncovered physical and emotional abuse of fraternity members in routine hazing, and also “brought to light the persistent harassment of two female students, who were degraded through multiple postings to the organization’s private site over an extended period.”

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