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(PHOENIX) — A school bus driver who refused to let students off the bus — a tense exchange captured on the bus’s dash camera — has resigned, and an investigation into the matter is forthcoming, an Arizona school district told ABC News.

Dysart Unified School District, in a statement to ABC News, said the driver resigned after being placed on administrative leave.

The incident occurred April 28 in El Mirage, which is located about 30 miles outside of Phoenix. The bus driver can be seen in the video yelling at a group of elementary school children, allegedly trapping them inside their bus because he says they were misbehaving.

“The longer we stay here, the more your parents are going to be getting upset — and not at me, they’re going to be getting upset with you,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

The children can be heard crying out for help.

One father banged on the side of the bus, while another parent tried to pry the doors open. But the driver wasn’t backing down.

“I’m not letting anybody off until you listen to what I have to say,” he told the group.

The driver then took off with the children still on board, and parents, unsure of where he was taking the children, called 911. The driver eventually returned the children to school, where police were waiting.

No charges against the driver have been announced.

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