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(GALESBURG, Mich.) — A magnitude 4.2 earthquake hit west of Detroit on Saturday, causing tremors to be felt from Chicago to Toledo, Ohio.

The quake struck shortly after 12 p.m. Saturday about five miles south of the town of Galesburg.  The epicenter was about 3.7 miles underground, 15 miles southeast of Kalamazoo and 57 miles southwest of Lansing.

The midwest is an infrequent target for earthquakes, though the U.S. Geological Survey says that when they do strike in the area, they are often felt over a wider region than quakes west of the Rocky Mountains.

Paul Caruso with the USGS notes that Saturday’s quake could cause “slight damage,” referencing a similar quake — magnitude 4.6 — that hit the area in 1947.

“We have reports that the quake has been felt throughout the state of Michigan,” Caruso said. “We have reports from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.”

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