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On Wednesday’s Nashville, country superstar Rayna Jaymes stalked her boyfriend Deacon‘s bitter sister Beverly all over Biloxi, Mississippi, trying to convince her to give her dying brother a piece of her liver. Rayna’s compliments on Beverly’s performance of the song “Touble” at a rundown country bar didn’t help the cause. Beverly blames Rayna for breaking up her musical act with Deacon and shooting down any chance for Beverly to become a country star in her own right. In the end, Rayna offered a million-dollar check to Beverly as a last-ditch effort to get her to save Deacon.

Christina Aguilera‘s three-episode stint as pop star Jade St. John came to an end this week, as did her character’s love affair with country hunk, Luke Wheeler. After spending some time in Jade’s high-profile Los Angeles world, Luke decided he belonged back in Nashville. The fact that his teenage son, Colt, was caught in a compromising situation with Rayna’s daughter, Maddie, made Luke exit Los Angeles that much faster.

Mayor Teddy Conrad learned the feds were coming after him after his prostitute girlfriend, Natasha, turned him in for embezzling government funds and blackmailing a city official. Lucky for Teddy, one of his friends works in the prosecutor’s office and offered him immunity. We’ll find out next week what that friend wants in return for Teddy’s freedom.

Gunnar Scott‘s ex-girlfriend Kylie returned to Nashville, asking to her son, Micah, who is now living with his grandparents. You’ll remember Kylie left Micah with Gunnar, who was under the impression Micah was his son. Gunnar eventually found out Micah’s father was his late brother, Jason. In a tearful confession in Gunnar’s living room, Kylie revealed Micah was conceived when Jason raped her one night at a party. This development throws a wrench in Gunnar’s hopes of getting back together with his other ex-girlfriend, Scarlett.

New parents Juliette Barnes and Avery Barkley finally worked together to revive her country career with a surprise rooftop performance in downtown Nashville. Her performance of the new song, “Mississippi Flood,” was a big hit, and the parents shared a sexy moment in the elevator after the performance. All that excitement faded away as they returned home to their crying baby, Cadence.

Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery, knows first-hand how hard it can be for parents to connect.

I have three kids of my own, so I know that children add a huge amount of intensity in different ways to your life, and responsibility,” Jonathan explains. “At the same time it mellows you out, so it’s kind of a paradox because you’re less concerned about your own ambitions and you’re kind of less wrapped up in your own world. You have something else and someone else to provide for and think about.”

Through all of the challenges, Jonathan looks forward to seeing Avery and Juliette grow as parents and as musicians.

He adds, “I think that it will probably add perspective for both of them, but at the same time, logistically, it makes life complicated sometimes.”

Juliette’s performance of “Mississippi Flood” will be included on the new The Music of Nashville: Original Soundtrack Season 3, Volume 2, due out May 12th.

Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 Eastern on ABC.

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