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Zac Brown Band‘s latest album, Jekyll + Hyde, is now on sale featuring their latest #1 hit, “Homegrown.” As always, the guys cover a lot of musical ground on the new project, and the title, Jekyll + Hyde, is meant to capture the shifting moods of the new music.

Zac Brown says, “[The new album] kind of time travels and goes to different genres and goes to different periods in time, and there’s some [songs] that have a real kind of darkness to them and some of them have a light and some of them are full of emotion and kind of a mourning in some of the songs and then some of them are just a celebration.”

While Zac Brown Band has explored rock, country, blues, reggae and gospel on previous albums, Zac says they’ve pushed the envelope even further on Jekyll + Hyde.

“It’s about expanding,” Zac explains. “It’s about growing as artists and as musicians and opening ourselves up to the world, and what else the world has. It’s about bringing people to music and bringing them to the show, and I’m excited.”

Zac Brown Band launches their Jekyll + Hyde tour Friday night in Nashville.

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