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(DANVILLE, Penn.) — A sign of spring has brought new problems to one Pennsylvania town, as officials say that groundhog holes have left an important levee system damaged.

Almost 70 holes dug by groundhogs were plugged with concrete on Friday after being filled with carbon monoxide gas earlier in the week, according to a report by ABC News affiliate WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  
Borough officials told WNEP-TV the groundhog burrows have been showing up on the levee system for several years, but recently noticed damaged caused by the holes have weakened the flood control system.

Earlier this week, all of the holes dug by the animals were filled with carbon monoxide-producing cartridges to kill the groundhogs burrowed inside.

Eric Ebling of Danville told WNEP-TV he felt bad for the groundhogs, but was glad the work was done.

“We do need to keep the dike intact and keep the flood out, but maybe they could have relocated them or something if they had the opportunity,” Ebling said.

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