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Hope was wearing thin for Deacon Claybourne on Wednesday night’s episode of Nashville. He’s still waiting on a donor for his liver transplant. Doctors found a donor and actually rolled Deacon into the operating room, but the donor turned out to have cancer on their lungs, so the doctors couldn’t risk introducing more cancer to Deacon’s body.

After getting that bad news, Rayna Jaymes and her daughter, Maddie, struggled to come to terms with Deacon’s illness and possible death.

Juliette Barnes hoped the Note by Note charity fundraiser would serve as her comeback after having her baby, but she was denied the chance to perform when pop star Jade St. John outbid her to give a command performance. Jade gave that opportunity to Layla Grant, who is a main competitor of Juliette’s. Juliette and Jade ended up having a showdown at the event, which upset Juliette’s husband, Avery Barkley. Once he called her out on her behavior, Juliette admitted she was struggling with feeling like a has-been career-wise after having the baby.

Jade got turned down for a duet with her hero, Luke Wheeler, in her bid to cross over from pop to country. They ended up spending more time together at the Note by Note gala and then out at the Bluebird Café, where Jade got up and sang one of Luke’s old hits, “Shotgun.” Luke must have liked her performance because he kissed her and went into her room once they got back to her hotel.

There’s only so far that relationship can go since Christina Aguilera, who plays Jade, is only slated to appear through next week’s episode. Though she hasn’t spent that much time in Nashville, Christina knows what the Bluebird Café means to the city’s music scene.

She says, “Here in Nashville, the Bluebird is such a staple here, and lines are always just across the side of the block for this place. I get the special, intimate vibe that it holds here. It’s a special thing.”

Performing on the Bluebird Café set on the Nashville sound stage helped Christina really inhabit her character.

Christina explains, “Being there in such a small, sort of intimate place sort of holds its on magic and was able to inspire me in a different way to bring a certain emotion to the song.”

“Shotgun” is now available for download at iTunes along with all of the other music from this week’s episode. Nashville is back with another new episode Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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