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Pop superstar Christina Aguilera made her debut on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday, playing another pop star named Jade St. John. The pink-haired diva was in Music City playing two sold-out shows at the Bridgestone Arena, and Jade’s ex-fiancé, Jeff Fordham, convinced her to use his management client, Layla Grant, as one of her opening acts. This is just the beginning of Jade’s role in Layla’s life.

Christina says, “Jade takes Layla under her wing a little bit, and kind of plays the big sister to her and wanting to encourage her growth and coming up in the business.”

Jade also finds herself in the middle of some drama between Layla and Juliette Barnes in the next few episodes.

Christina adds with a laugh, “Juliette definitely tells me where to go.”

During Wednesday night’s show, Jade also performed a new song, “The Real Thing,” which is now available on iTunes as part of the Nashville soundtrack. So, does this mean Christina is planning a move to country music in her real life?

She says, “Jade definitely makes me discover a new side to who I am and what more I have to offer, even as an artist, you know, crossing into a little bit of experimenting with country. So, it’s fun and it’s music and, you know, it’s all love.”

Elsewhere in Nashville, Juliette Barnes isn’t adjusting well to life as mother to her baby girl, Cadence. While husband Avery Barkley is off performing the new song “On a Rail” with his band, The Triple Exes, Juliette gets word that the producer of her Patsy Cline biopic wants her to write and record a new song for the film.

Grasping this opportunity to get away from the screaming baby, Juliette hires a nanny without telling Avery and boards a private plane to Los Angeles to work on the movie. Once Avery finds out about the situation, he decides to leave The Triple Exes. The act is now a duo consisting of former lovers Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Conner.

Closeted country star Will Lexington‘s songwriting sessions with the openly gay Kevin Bicks may be over, but it looks like their personal relationship is just heating up. After a few missed opportunities, Will finally let Kevin know he’s interested in going out on a date. Kevin said yes by planting a big kiss on Will’s lips.

Nashville mayor Teddy Conrad managed to embezzle the $500,000 his hooker, Natasha, needed to get out of town before the feds learned he was her client. It turns out she’s working as a witness for the FBI and got Teddy’s drop-off of the money on tape.

Deacon Claybourne decided to move in to Rayna Jaymes‘ house after their daughter, Maddie, noticed he has stayed over several nights in a row. There was no update on Deacon’s liver cancer as he continues waiting for a donor liver.

Nashville returns with an all-new episode featuring Christina Aguilera next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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