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Country icons Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are releasing a new album together June 2.  Titled Django and Jimmie, the title track pays tribute to the relationship between jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and the late Country Music Hall of Fame member Jimmie Rodgers.

Willie explains, “Both of those guys were very influential in both of our careers.”

Willie and Merle also take solo turns on selections from each other’s respective catalogs on the new project.  Willie wrote a few new tracks for Django and Jimmie, too.

Merle says, “[There’s] new songs, a couple of classics and Willie sang like he was a teenager.”

Willie and Merle first found success together with their #1-selling 1983 album, Pancho & Lefty. They’ve recorded and toured together several times since then.

Here’s the Django and Jimmie track listing:

“Django and Jimmie”
“It’s All Going to Pot”
“Unfair Weather Friend”
“Missing Ol’ Johnny Cash”
“Live This Long”
“Alice in Hulaland”
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”
“Family Bible”
“It’s Only Money”
“Swinging Doors”
“Where Dreams Come to Die”
“Somewhere Between”
“Driving the Herd”
“The Only Man Wilder Than Me”

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