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(SUMMVERVILLE, S.C.) — The family and friends of Walter Scott remembered him on Saturday, one week after he was shot and killed by a police officer.

Scott’s funeral was held at the W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center in Summerville, South Carolina, about 20 miles away from North Charleston where Scott was fatally shot by Michael Slager on April 4. Slager has since been charged with murder and dismissed from the police department.

“Thank God my brother was used as a catalyst for change.” Scott’s brother said. “Nobody deserves to go out like that.”

Scott’s daughter, Samantha, also contributed, reading a poem to the crowd.

“I had your love from the start… You brought so much joy into my life,” she said. “I will always be your little girl. But I know I need to grow up and move on. But I will never move on from you.”

Pastor George Hamilton then went to the podium.

“It’s one thing to have a loved one die… It’s another to have to watch them die… and see how they died,” he said.

“Walter’s death was motivated by racial discrimination,” Hamilton said. “You’ve got to hate somebody to shoot them in the back.

“This officer is a disgrace to the North Charleston Police Department” and to “all of the law abiding” police officers, Hamilton said.

“We will not indict the entire law enforcement for the act of one racist,” he continued.

“You don’t tase a man and then shoot him,” Hamilton said, adding that a “badge is not authority to murder.”

After Hamilton spoke, the casket was opened and guests were invited to view the body.

Funeral services for Walter Scott getting underway in South Carolina pic.twitter.com/1XU3uAaNu1

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Chaotic scene with people trying to get into the church for the funeral of Walter Scott pic.twitter.com/ES2OL6CWEY

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A lot of emotion pouring out of the room, where Walter Scott’s funeral is being held. Choir singing Order My Steps.

— washnews (@WashNews) April 11, 2015

The crowd was overwhelming at the entrance to the church before the service, and Scott’s family members were asked to raise their hands to be ushered inside the full sanctuary.

The hearse carrying Scott’s body was accompanied by a police escort, according to ABC News affiliate WCIV-TV.

Officials attending the service included Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon, Sen. Tim Scott, state Senator Marlon Kimpson and Representatives Mark Sanford and Jim Clyburn.

Slager was charged with murder Tuesday after a witness came forward with video that appears to show the moment when he fatally shot Scott as Scott was running away from him. The victim’s family attorney, who gave the video to ABC News, said he believes it could prove that the officer used excessive force.

Slager has not yet had to enter a plea. His attorney, Andy Savage, who was retained by Slager after his first attorney dropped his case, issued a statement to ABC News saying that it is “too early for us to be saying what we think.”

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