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(NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.) — Dash cam video released Thursday shows Police Officer Michael Slager moments before he shot and killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday.

The video begins as Slager pulls over Scott’s Mercedes and asks for his license and registration. Slager says he stopped the car because a brake light was out.

After Slager goes back to his cruiser, Scott starts getting out of his car and Slager tells him to stay there.

Scott then jumps out of his car and runs away, out of the frame of the camera.

The video captures audio of someone yelling, presumably Slager, but the video doesn’t show Slager running after Scott.

Slager was charged with murder after a witness stepped forward with another video that appeared to show the moment when Slager fatally shot Scott as Scott was running away from Slager. The victim’s family attorney, who gave the video to ABC News, said he believes it could prove that the officer used excessive force.

During his next call on the police radio, Slager said: “Shots fired and the subject is down, he took my Taser,” the police report noted.

Slager was arrested on Tuesday and has been dismissed from the police department. Slager has yet to enter a plea. Over the weekend, Slager was represented by attorney David Aylor, who gave a statement to WCIV saying that the incident was “tragic” but that Slager “followed all the proper procedures and policies.” Following the release of the witness video, that attorney told ABC News on Tuesday he is no longer representing Slager.

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