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On Wednesday’s Nashville, Sadie Stone‘s future hung in the balance as she faced criminal charges for shooting her abusive ex-husband, Pete. As you’ll recall, Luke Wheeler drove up to the scene after Sadie shot Pete, but he stretched the truth and told police he saw Pete actually attacking Sadie. The D.A. decided she acted in self-defense, so Sadie went free. Instead of acting on her growing feelings for Luke, Sadie left Nashville to go put her life back together in her native West Virginia.

Juliette Barnes was in a full-on hormonal rage as she put the finishing touches on her baby shower. Her husband, Avery Barkley, was on the road, so Juliette was left to host the party alone. She grew increasingly agitated as she got news fellow country stars Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgaves had to cancel their RSVPs at the last minute.

After a few rounds of throwing decorations and yelling at her staff, Juliette was so worked up her water broke. Rayna Jaymes helped her get to the hospital, and Avery made it in from the road in time to welcome their new baby. You’ll have to wait until next week to find out the name they’ve chosen for the little one, but the lullaby they sang for their new daughter, “Hold Me in Your Arms,” is now available on iTunes.

 Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Conner went on with their Triple Exes performance without Avery. Still jealous from discovering Scarlett spent the night with her new doctor boyfriend, Gunnar finally worked up the nerve to tell Scarlett he wanted to rekindle their romance. Scarlett told Gunnar it was too late, but their musical connection was strong as ever as they performed the new song, “Longer,” as a duo.

So, will Scarlett and Gunnar ever find their way back to each other? Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar, hasn’t given up on the couple.

He says, “I think there’s hope for the two of them romantically maybe further down the line. I don’t know if they’re in the best place right now, but I’m sure Nashville could take us there.”

Since Scarlett and Gunnar’s duets have been some of the biggest iTunes hits from Nashville’s three seasons, Sam is certain they’ll continue singing together.

“I think the fans have been so loyal and appreciative of that sort of folky, Americana thing that the two of them do,” he says. “I think we should see more of that, and I hope to see more of that.”

Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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