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(CHICAGO) — A convicted murderer who overpowered a guard and escaped jail this week was captured by Chicago police officers.

Officers took Kamron Taylor into custody Friday night after responding to a call of a suspicious person, police said.

When they approached Taylor, he ran, said police. They arrested him on a gun charge unrelated to his escape after police said he was caught carrying a firearm.

Police said they would charge and hold him locally before turning him over the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department.

Taylor, 23, escaped the Jerome Combs Detention Center early Wednesday after beating a corrections officer and taking his uniform, keys and vehicle, Sheriff Tim Bukowski said in a news conference later that day. He was recently convicted and was awaiting sentencing, said police.

The uniform fooled other officers, who allowed Taylor to pass through three doors to leave the jail, Bukowski said.

Bukowski said that the staff of the detention center was recently decreased and inmates were aware of it.

“Because of the loss of some other staff members, [current staff] have been forced to work some overtime,” he said. “Because of that, they get tired and they start to make mistakes.”

The officer that was injured during the escape was in the intensive-care unit after the attack, but the Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that his condition was improving.

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