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(COLLEGE PARK, Md.) — The University of Maryland has finished an investigation into an email containing racist and sexist language sent by a student that went viral earlier this year.

The email had been sent to members of the student’s fraternity last year, and according to a statement from university President Wallace Loh, condoned non-consensual sexual conduct. Investigators said that the email, “while hateful and reprehensible,” Loh wrote, “did not violate University policies and is protected by the First Amendment.”

Still, Loh said that the email “is profoundly hurtful to the entire University campus…caused anger and anguish, pain and fear, among many people.” He also said that the email “subverts our core values of inclusivity, human dignity, safety, and mutual respect.”

Loh wrote that the student in question apologized for his actions, saying that he “[regrets] sending that email more than I’ll ever be able to put into words” and that “there is no way to erase this incident or the agony is has caused.”

The student offered to undergo individualized training in diversity and cultural competence and perform extensive community service, Loh added. The student will not return to the campus for the spring semester.

Last month, the Kappa Sigma fraternity acknowledged that the student was a member of their organization when the email was sent. He was later suspended by the fraternity and eventually submitted a letter of resignation.

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