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On Wednesday’s Nashville, Rayna Jaymes wanted to support her long-time love Deacon Claybourne after learning he has liver cancer. Deacon did his best to shut Rayna out, but she wore him down and they eventually made up, made love and decided to pursue a relationship. Their daughter, Maddie, was ecstatic to see Deacon and Rayna together, but that happiness was short-lived as they told Maddie and her younger sister, Daphne, about Deacon’s potentially fatal liver cancer.

Still hurting from his breakup with Rayna, Luke Wheeler turned to Sadie Stone for some company and a harmony singer on his song, “I Can’t Help My Heart.” It looked like sparks were starting to fly between Luke and Sadie as they bonded over their miserable love lives. Sadie kept her distance since she was still dealing with her abusive ex-husband, Pete, who she outed as a wife-batterer on Good Morning America.

After Luke and Sadie parted ways, Pete cornered Sadie in a parking garage. Sadie pulled a gun on Pete and ended up shooting him as he came after her. Luke pulled up just after Sadie shot Pete, so it looks like the two country singers could be bonding over getting rid of Pete’s body.

Meanwhile, Will Lexington wrote the introspective tune, “Broken Song,” with openly gay songwriter Kevin Bicks. Will and his label head, Luke Wheeler, were happy with the track, but Kevin didn’t like the way Will seemed uncomfortable around him. Kevin assumed Will was a bit homophobic and told him he didn’t want to write any more songs. Will later came back to Kevin and started opening up about his own homosexuality.

While it’s not clear if Will and Kevin’s writing partnership will turn romantic, actor Chris Carmack, who plays Will, tells ABC Radio we shouldn’t expect his character to start singing love songs directly to guys.

Chris says, “A veiled way is a good way of putting it because I don’t think he’s going to immediately jump out and write the truth of anything that’s happening.”

This working relationship with Kevin will help Will open up to deal with his homosexuality through his music, though.

Says Chris “There are opportunities coming up for him to dig into himself a little deeper and put down on the page and into a song something that he has not been able to do before.”

“Broken Song” is now available at iTunes along with all the other music from this week’s show. Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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