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Chris Young‘s latest hit, “Lonely Eyes,” contains one of the best pickup lines on country radio these days — “Those lonely eyes don’t have to be alone tonight.” It got us wondering if Chris has ever used his own song lyrics out in the wild to try to meet a girl.

“I honestly have never tried that,” Chris says with a laugh. “I don’t even know if that would work. I mean, most girls are gonna be able to figure out that’s from a song, aren’t they?”

Thinking again, Chris admits using song lyrics might make him sound “cooler” and “smarter” with the ladies.

He adds, “I’ll just go find songs that I’ve written already that haven’t come out and just have that shelved for when I need to say somethin’ that doesn’t sound moronic to a woman.”

“Lonely Eyes” is the latest single from Chris’s album, A.M.

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