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Darius Rucker‘s latest album, Southern Style, is inspired by his laid-back way of life in Charleston, South Carolina, but he insists that way of life isn’t bound to one geographical region.

“There’s people in Wisconsin and Michigan and Idaho living the same lifestyle we’re living,” Darius explains. “It’s not really a Southern thing. It’s more of a rural America, kind of, you know, go to work, you know, come home, take care of your kids, pay your bills and when you can have fun, have as much fun as you can and live life.”

Darius wrote more than 60 songs for Southern Style, including the lead single “Homegrown Honey.” While he’s open to cutting other writers’ songs, Darius looks for a personal connection with each song he records.

He says, “Most of the songs are songs that I feel something about or in some way, really mean a lot to me.”

Now that Southern Style is on sale, Darius is looking forward to launching his tour behind the project. The trek starts May 14 in New Jersey.

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