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(NEW YORK) — The last perfect bracket out of the 11.57 million in Tournament Challenge finally fell when the Arizona Wildcats knocked off the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday.

Malachi from Cleveland, Ohio, had correctly picked all 32 games through the second round in the ESPN tournament challenge, including upsets by Georgia State and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He declined to share his last name.

He picked more upsets on Saturday, but the No. 10 seed Buckeyes couldn’t beat No. 2 Arizona, bringing his run to an end.

He told ABC News Saturday that he was shocked by his success.

“There really was no method to the madness,” he said.

Malachi said he filled out his bracket 15 minutes before the deadline on Thursday.

“They’ve [family and friends] been keeping me in the loop and just joking with me,” he said. “They’re picking at me and having fun with it.”

His bracket predicted Duke to beat Kansas in the final by a score of 58-0, which he insisted was the result of a glitch on the website.

Malachi added that he didn’t watch a single college basketball game until the tournament started.

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