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(BOSTON) —  For Boston resident Jillian Tenen, this year’s record-shattering winter proved too much for her 2007 Honda Civic.

Tenen’s car became buried on a street corner in her Bay Village neighborhood after the first big snowfall in late January — and remained there as more snow fell, and the plows kept plowing. Boston set a record this winter for the most snow ever.

After nearly seven weeks, and more than 100 inches of snow as well as subzero temperatures, Tenen finally managed to free the vehicle from its icy cocoon, but the damage was done.

The windshield of her sedan cracked and nearly collapsed because of the heavy snow and ice. And the growing snow mounds pushed by the ubiquitous plows caused dents and scratches to her passenger door and hood.

Tenen told ABC News in a phone interview she tried digging her car out nearly a dozen times throughout the past two months, but the never-ending snowfall and icy conditions made it impossible to chip through the cement-like ice.

“It just kept freezing and refreezing,” Tenen said.

She called the city and her insurance company for help, but nobody was able to assist her until the snow began melting away because there was nowhere else to move it to.

Tenen luckily works at the nearby Westin Copley Place Hotel, and was able to walk to work for the past two months. She said she wouldn’t have known what to do if she had to drive to work.

After living in Florida for eight years, Tenen moved to Boston in 2013, and said this winter has been the worst she’s ever seen.

When asked if she’ll continue parking in the street throughout the winter months, Tenen said she most likely will, unless a blizzard is in the forecast.

“I’m gonna play it by ear and see how it goes,” she said.

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