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(LOS ANGELES) — A senior FBI agent working at bureau headquarters in Washington has been fired and is under investigation for allegedly stealing drugs and money that he had access to while on the job.

According to a letter sent from the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California to defense lawyers, Scott Bowman was terminated as an agent. To this point, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility has found that Bowman had $15,582 in funds under Bowman’s control in June 2014 that are missing and that the agent may have “taken active steps, including making false statements, to conceal his activities related to the…funds.” The investigation further indicates that he may have improperly left drug evidence and two firearms in areas other than the evidence locker and misappropriated and/or failed to submit cash evidence in connection with two search warrants served.

Bowman may also have made “false statements and/or representations for personal reasons and not related to a case” in a request to a telecommunications provider.”

Further investigation is ongoing into Bowman’s conduct as an FBI Special Agent, as well as other activities and conduct involving him. The letter also says that prosecutions involving Bowman could be compromised.

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